Possibly my favorite libertarian book ever….

Walter Block’s classic Defending the Undefendable. It would be interesting to see Block do an updated version of this that included contemporary scapegoats as well: the copyright pirate, the tax evader, the illegal firearms dealer, the pirate radio operator, the non-recycler, the smoker in public restaurants, the privileged white male, the deadbeat dad, the despoiler of teenage virgins, the hacker, the carbon footprint leaver, the underage alcohol consumer, the gang member, the assisted suicide facilitator, the gun-toting high school student, the hunter of endangered species.
The contents of this book include:

* Foreword by Murray N. Rothbard
* Commentary by F.A. Hayek
* Introduction
* Sexual
o The Prostitute
o The Pimp
o The Male Chauvinist Pig
* Medical
o The Drug Pusher
o The Drug Addict
* Free Speech
o The Blackmailer
o The Slanderer or Libeler
o The Denier of Academic Freedom
o The Advertiser
o The Person Who Yells “Fire!” in a Crowded Theatre
* Outlaw
o The Gypsy Cab Driver
o The Ticket Scalper
o The Dishonest Cop
* Financial
o The (Non-Government) Counterfeiter
o The Miser
o The Inheritor
o The Moneylender
o The Non-Contributor to Charity
* Business and Trade
o The Curmudgeon
o The Slumlord
o The Ghetto Merchant
o The Speculator
o The Importer
o The Middleman
o The Profiteer
* Ecology
o The Stripminer
o The Litterer
o The Wastemakers
* Labor
o The Fat Capitalist-Pig Employer
o The Scab
o The Rate Buster
o The Employer of Child Labor

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  1. This was the first libertarian book that I read and I would definitely put it in my top five list of libertarian books that I’ve read.

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