Is Kevin Carson Right or Wrong? Are Anarcho-Capitalists "True" Anarchists

Commentary by Charles Johnson.
First, William cited it as an example of a particular kind of view about freed markets (the view that they tend to have centrifugal effects on economic ownership and thus to undermine bossism, landlordism, and other forms of economic hierarchy). This view may be relevant to some discussions about anarcho-capitalism, but I am not an anarcho-capitalist. My view is specifically that freed markets radically undermine capitalism, which is the joint product of historical and ongoing state violence to subsidize and insulate capitalists. And if freeing markets alone does not suffice to make capitalist privilege collapse under its own weight,(*) then I advocate freed people making use of bottom-up stateless social organization like direct-action unions, mutual aid associations, neighborhood asembleas and workers’ councils, local gift economies, etc. etc. to push it over the rest of the way.

(* As in fact I think it won’t. My theory is that capitalism is, among many other things, less efficient than less hierarchical alternatives, so the centrifugal effects of markets will go a long way. But I doubt that they’ll be enough on their own, for reasons that are not discussed in that article and are a bit of a digression to get into here. Hence, the need for the social activism I mention above.)

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