Markets Without Capitalism: Kevin Carson's Transition Proposals

Article by Michael Bauwens. Required reading.
This is a follow up on yesterday’s post, arguing that the idea and practice of markets, should be divorced from their present embeddedness in an unsustainable infinite growth system such as capitalism.

Today, we look at the ideas of mutualist Kevin Carson. I will follow this up in a next installment by some of my own ideas on a commons-centered economy.

Kevin sends us the following contextual info to link the two articles together:

“The only thing I would add, to flesh it out: the two pieces you quote from involved dismantling the infrastructure of state capitalism from the top down. The other side of the strategy is the kind of stuff I talked about in the “Building the Structure of the New Society Within the Shell of the Old” post–building counter-institutions from the bottom up to fill the void. It’s a sort of dialectical strategy, with the agenda you quoted providing political cover and room for the alternative economy to grow.

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