Escalation of a "humanitarian" war

Article by Nicole Colson and Alan Maass.
THE U.S.-led military operation in Libya has morphed from the initial imposition of a “no-fly zone,” ostensibly to prevent Muammar el-Qaddafi’s regime from carrying out a massacre, into an ongoing bombing campaign with no end in sight–and now there’s increasing talk of the use of ground forces until Qaddafi is overthrown and a new government, no doubt Western-approved, takes his place.

This transformation of the aims of the intervention–often called “mission creep”–helps to further expose the deception that “humanitarian” concerns is motivating the U.S. or its European allies.

No week goes by without news of another escalation. Among the latest: Washington’s deployment of Predator drone aircraft to wreak the same kind of destruction they have brought to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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