Ron is Running Again!

Richard Spencer gives us the news. I don’t think that trying to get “one of us” elected to the presidency is exactly the way to go…to say the least. But as Richard says in this piece, RP is one of the few public officials who is not a lying sociopath. A member of Congress who dares to call for the abolition of the empire, the police state, the Fed, corporate welfare, and the drug war is okay by me. I suspect Richard is also correct that the system will eventually collapse under its own weight rather be reformed through the conscious efforts of any political actors. The question is what will come afterward. The time to start building the lifeboats is now.
Put frankly, Paul is one of the few political “representatives” who’s not a lying sociopath. Paul means what he says and says what he means. Most Republicans simply talk about their devotion to limited government. If president, Paul would actually attempt to bring the troops home, abolish non-Constitutional departments, and return to the gold standard. Paul also appears to buck the unfortunate libertarian consensus on open immigration.

Paul is a true liberal, in the older sense of the word. He’s what Wilmot Robertson called an “Old Believer”… in an Old America that hasn’t existed for at least a century. Paul sincerely wants to leave the citizenry well enough alone, trusting in the goodness of their intentions and their willingness to cooperate. On this and other matters, it’s hard to separate Paul’s great virtues and personal charm from his blind spots and naiveté.

More important, unlike every other candidate — though Trump is a wildcard — Ron Paul actually threatens what I’ll call, for brevity’s sake, “the Establishment.”

Though there’s no room to go into this here, suffice it to say, the egalitarian welfare state, unending foreign wars, bailouts and endless credit for the financial sector — and much else — is predicated on the Federal Reserve System. Without the Fed, what the government is currently doing would be significantly more difficult; to do it all simultaneous and on such a grandiose scale, would simply be impossible.

Paul’s central issue is “End the Fed.” This quest is, of course, quixotic — I think it’s more likely that the current system will implode than it will be rationally reformed. Nevertheless, the Establishment does not want thinking minds to contemplate the source of its power.

Whatever his limitations might be, a Paul presidency would truly amount to a Revolution.

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  1. I haven’t actually voted for anything since 1994. I actually had my name removed from the rolls in protest against the system after that. It’s a decision I’ve never regretted.

  2. I believe the last time I voted was in the 2002 Congressional elections, when I was 22. When I saw that virtually nothing changed, I plunged into anarchist philosophy, which I had dabbled in since highschool. I was naively convinced that the imperial path that the US had taken with the Iraq War would end with a Democratic Congress. Pshhh.

  3. I voted for Cynthia McKinney last election. Will probably vote for Ron Paul if he gets the Republican nomination.

  4. I voted for McKinney after Ron Paul dropped out too. Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin after he lost the nomination and a lot of Paul supporters went with that but where as I respect and agree with Mr. Baldwin on a lot of things I find the idea of clergy running for office highly problematic plus he ain’t never bitch slapped a cop.

  5. If I ever thought that one of these alternative candidates like McKinney, Paul, or Baldwin had an actual chance of winning, I’d consider re-registering and voting for them. But even if they were to win, I’m skeptical of how effective they could actually be.

    If a US President seriously tried to abolish the empire, shut down the Fed, cancel all those arms contracts, etc., I don’t think the overlords of the system would stand for it. They would likely initiate a Pinochet-like coup and put yet another one of their handpicked puppets back in the driver’s seat. It wouldn’t even have to be a violent, military coup. They could simply buy off the Electoral College to nullify the election results, or go through the Supreme Court, or fabricate evidence that the radical candidate is somehow ineligible for office, or all sorts of other tricks.

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