YWC Confronts Lefto-Fascists at Providence.

Article by Tim Dionisopoulos.
The far left became incensed that Providence College was becoming the centerpiece for a right wing revival of sorts, and would threaten to show up at virtually every event I held. It came as no surprise that when I announced I would be hosting an event with Richard Spencer in Providence, local leftists started losing their minds.

While Richard was attempting to discuss the finer points of affirmative action, three random individuals burst into the room and sat in the very back row of chairs. After a few moments they attempted to disrupt his speech by shouting at him and lodged a few veiled threats at both Richard and me. They tried passing out fliers, but amusingly enough the students in the room would not even take them. Maybe it was the fact that they interrupted the discussion by cursing up a storm, or they looked and smelled like they had been living in a dumpster for a few weeks, but the students in the room did not seem convinced that Richard Spencer and I are key players in the rise of the Fourth Reich.

Ironically, they told Richard that they did not want him in their “community.” This is fairly amusing considering the fact that I could not pick out one person in the crowd of supposed Anti-fascists that was a Providence College student. They stormed out of the room only to return a few moments later with some reinforcements and played a bullhorn while chanting. Check out the video for some of the highlights of the speech as well as to witness the leftist protestors in action. Anyone worried about how tough Antifa are should have their fears assuaged. After weeks of threats and online harassment, the only thing the big bold Antifa could muster was a pathetically amusing display of what amounted to a merely Orwellian “two minutes of hate.”

Once the leftists saw me pull out my cell phone, they quickly dispersed back to their hovels of perpetual irrelevancy. Contrary to their desires, Richard managed to finish his speech without any more interruptions. The only thing Antifa really managed to do was convince everyone in the vicinity of the building they are nothing more than a bunch of noise-making losers.

To the far left, conservatives are not allowed to start discussing topics that smash their egalitarian preconceptions, and they will resort to any and all petty threats and disruptive measures in order to silence them. Anyone to their right is considered a threat, and regardless of whether their conversations are backed up with facts and evidence, they must be shouted down to a chorus of “racist” and “bigot”.

Fortunately for the conservative movement, a few of us have caught on to their game and are refusing to back off when they spew threats or attempt to act in a disruptive manner during events. As Richard Spencer did when they tried to derail his presentation, merely scoff at leftist agitators, refuse to cave in to their demands, and last but certainly not least, laugh at their irrational behavior. It’s high time that we learned that the far left is nothing short of a laughing stock, and that to take them seriously or cave into any type of fear is something for a weaker type of activist. Overall it was a fascinating presentation, and we are happy that a place was provided for a true discussion on diversity and multiculturalism.

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