Trans Fat Ban: The Therapeutic State Advances

Food fascism in Illinois.
The Illinois House today passed a ban on the use of artery clogging trans fats in food served in restaurants and in school vending machines starting in 2013.

Although many cities and counties have passed bans, if the bill passes the state Senate and Gov. Pat Quinn signs it, Illinois would be only the second state in the nation to pass such a measure. The first was California.

If it becomes law, restaurants would not be able to serve food with trans fats starting Jan. 1, 2013. The ban also would apply to vending machines in public and private schools.

“I feel like this is a great step in the right direction,” said sponsoring Rep. LaShawn Ford, D-Chicago. Health problems cost our state so much money and if we can use prevention to keep people out of emergency rooms and keep them healthy this is a step in that direction.”

The latest version of the legislation also suggests “a goal” of eliminating all food containing trans fats in schools and state facilities by 2016.

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