Resilient Villages – A rough blueprint

From American Indian/Alaska Native – Attack The System.
Over at the Republic of Lakotah website, there’s a brief outline of a strategy for developing an independent network of largely self sufficient villages.

1. Joining the Republic of Lakotah isn’t about having American Indian blood, it’s about wanting freedom AND making the sacrifices necessary to live free.
2. Everyone is invited to participate in developing our first “Lakotah Republic Villages.” As Russell sees these, they would be villages of 10-30 families that would share a kitchen/dining area, a car or two, solar and wind power. Each family could put up whatever sort of housing suited their needs. Children could be community schooled. Each village could have it’s own garden and solar-powered green houses. People could raise chickens, turkeys or whatever.
3. The land here is beautiful and very inexpensive. Good well water is easy to get.
4. If these villages are well-designed, nobody will be “roughing it,” life can be a paradise without the rat race of modern America.
5. Eventually, when the ROL is fully realized, ANYBODY can renounce their US Citizenship and get an ROL passport.
6. It’s not complicated, it just takes like-minded people planning well, pooling their resources and TAKING THE BIG LEAP!

What’s described above is a Resilient Community.

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