Over 250 Top US Legal Scholars Condemn The Treatment Of Bradley Manning

From Tech Dirt.
For a while now, we’ve been quite concerned over the US’s treatment of Bradley Manning, the guy who has been accused of being the source for many of Wikileaks’ biggest leaks from the US government. Under most standard definitions of torture, it certainly appeared that Manning was being tortured. With the UN investigating, and even Obama administration officials who had long been propagandizing against Wikileaks claiming that the treatment was bad (leading to him being fired), it appears more and more people are recognizing how indefensible the treatment is.

The latest is that a who’s who of US legal scholars, including the guy who taught President Obama constitutional law (and was a big supporter of Obama during the campaign), have written an open letter condemning the treatment of Bradley Manning as being unconstitutional. That law professor, Laurence Tribe, had actually been a legal advisor to the Justice Department until recently. The original letter was written by Bruce Ackerman and Yochai Benkler, and the list of signatories is pretty impressive.

When you have so many experts in constitutional law speaking up for the way President Obama is treating Manning, can Obama really ignore them completely?

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