Is Violence Against Cops Really Increasing?

Interesting article on the latest System hysteria.
Attorney General Eric Holden is concerned about the number of law enforcement deaths that have occurred so far this year. In fact, he is so concerned that he has announced a new Law Enforcement Safety Initiative. This is not the first we have heard about this alleged increase in violence against police officers. Over the last year FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and USA Today all ran stories on what some in law enforcement are calling the “War on Cops”. A simple look at the data compiled by The Officers Down Memorial Page tells us that the “War on Cops” simply does not exist. In fact, despite an uptick in officer deaths in 2010 versus 2009, police officers are less likely to be killed in the line of duty today than they were 25 years ago.

Those that insist that a police officer’s job is becoming more dangerous like to compare the data from 2010 with 2009 as proof that the violence has indeed increased. The problem with this approach is that 2009 saw the lowest number of officer deaths since 1960. It now appears that 2009 was not the beginning of a dramatic trend downward, but instead a statistical outlier. If we don’t just look at a snapshot of a few years, but instead at the last 25 years, we see that officer deaths have been on a slow trend downward with a few outlier years in both directions. Deaths specifically due to violence directed at an officer have followed the same downward trend as the total number of deaths.

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