False Convictions

Article by Bill Anderson.
Should one step back even further, one can see a pattern emerging, one that not only is disturbing but also one that has its roots in the Progressive Movement of more than a century ago, when American intellectuals, businessmen, and politicians joined to overthrow a social order that was responsible for transforming American society from a backwoods, agrarian country into an industrial powerhouse. While “Progressives” were and are championed by the intellectual elite and media pundits as “reformers” who are trying (against those backward capitalists) to make society better, in reality they undermined human liberty in order to impose an order that could move in no direction but toward tyranny.

One of the things “Progressives” did was to take many occupations and “professionalize” them. They introduced occupational licensing and they also were able to formalize and organize the “justice” apparatus into a mechanism in which “professionals” would transform the process of investigating crimes and seeking judgment and punishment for perpetrators. Instead of having a system that drew heavily upon community participation, “Progressives” reasoned that the professional police, prosecutors, and “expert” witnesses would not be bound by emotion but would act according to their pure training and knowledge.

The system we have today is one in which the “professionals” run everything, from the police investigators to the judges and prison administrators, and it simply is awful. Last year, when I covered the Tonya Craft trial and aftermath in my blog, it really was a battle between the “professionals” and people advocating for the truth.

For example, the prosecutors and the judge worked in tandem in order to try to rig a guilty verdict (the “unprofessional” jurors refused to go along with the scam and acquitted her), a police officer fabricated a document in order to fill holes, and “professional” child “advocates” insisted that the stories being told about Craft’s alleged child molesting were true. The jurors saw through the whole thing and had concluded even before the prosecution rested that the whole thing was bogus.

Wrongful accusations and convictions often occur because the “professionals” are able to convince jurors that the impossible really has to be true – because the “professionals” say it is true. Because “Progressivism” has been institutionalized to a point where most people cannot imagine a society without its influences, people are easily swayed by foolish arguments made by “professionals” even when logic and reasoning tell them otherwise.

As I said at the beginning, I am passionate about advocating for those who are wrongly charged and those who are wrongly convicted. I can think of no worse indictment upon a society than to say it is one in which “justice” is turned upside down and perverted, and as I see it, one of the main reasons that “justice” in America is a crapshoot is the legacy of “Progressivism.”

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