Beware of Humanitarians with Bombs

Article by Kevin Carson.
If the Libyan people want an illustration of what will result from allowing the U.S. government any voice in how their postwar society is reconstructed, they need look no further than the work of Bremer’s CPA in Iraq. A modern prophet Samuel could provide an eloquent description of what awaits any country that accepts a U.S.-designed neoliberal government so that it can be “like the other nations.” It will have its state property distributed on sweetheart terms to politically connected western investors, be overrun by mercenaries from Halliburton and Blackwater, and sign a “Free Trade Agreement” with “intellectual property” provisions that criminalize saving seed and drive up the price of HIV drugs by ten thousand percent.

Libya, having benefited from the no-fly zone, had better take these historical lessons to heart and keep the Devil at arms length.

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