8 of 10 Illegals Caught Are Not Prosecuted

Article by Kevin DeAnna. This data is consistent with my own analysis of the immigration question. My contention is that U.S. elites are overwhelmingly pro-unrestricted immigration and to the degree there is any residual control of immigration at all, it is largely due to the presence of elements embedded in the state whose self-interest depends on immigration enforcement (the ICE and the Border Patrol, for instance) and the political unpopularity among the general public of adopting “open borders” as a formal matter of policy.
More than eight out of ten illegal aliens apprehended by the United States Border Patrol are not prosecuted. They are simply let go.

These shocking (well, not so shocking) statistics come from Congressman John Culberson, who submitted these statistics for the record during a House subcommittee meeting on homeland security. Culberson stated, quite rationally, that it is going to be impossible to stop illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and other nefarious activities if those involved face no criminal penalties. He urged that Operation Streamline, which fast tacks prosecutions and deportations of illegal immigrants, should be applied across the entire border.

Of course, the head of the Customs and Border Protection agency disagreed, stating that there were “a lot of variables,” including the inability of judicial systems along the border to handle any increased load in prosecutions. How vastly expensive court hearings are required for non-citizens that are caught trying to cross the border was not explained. Why we even bother having a Border Patrol if they aren’t allowed to do their job was also not explained.

We have an immigration crisis because the laws are not enforced and the border is not secure. Every single politician involved in this debate claims that they want both of these things done. However, few have the political courage to insist that it be done. Frankly, they are either naive, or more likely, lying about their desire for border security. Because of cheap labor or future votes, many Republicans and Democrats support mass immigration but don’t want to be held accountable for the results of their policy. They want to continue lying to the American people about how they care about national security and a common sense immigration policy while making sure that nothing is done to actually enforce our laws.

The bottom line is that YWC would not be necessary if we had a rational, common sense approach to border security that the vast majority of the American people would agree with. These aren’t extreme positions. It’s not too much to ask for the government to enforce the law, fulfill its basic responsibilities, and allow the Border Patrol to do its job. The horrifying truth is that this refusal of the federal government (under both Republican and Democratic Presidents) may not be an example of policy failure. It’s what they want. It’s policy. That’s why we are necessary and that’s why we have to take the approach we take.

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