Voting is a choice between Poop and Shit

From the Gonzo Times.

If any restaurant operated like voting in the United States you would refuse to eat there. We would be given the choices of Poop and Shit. You can choose the poop, but it’s a gamble and the chances are good that once you’ve chosen the poop you will be forced to eat the shit. Some people figured this out and decided they wanted to eat pizza instead of poop or shit.

So, cheeseburgers and hot-dogs were added to the menu. We have third parties! If you order from the menu order a hot-dog or a cheeseburger. The problem with that is, I’m a vegetarian and I wanted a veggie pizza. So the vegetarian I am decides to order something that is at least edible, a hot-dog. Guess what. I am force fed shit still despite my constant ordering cheeseburgers and hot-dogs.

Really no matter what you vote for you will be force fed someones shit despite your opposition to eating shit. They will promise caviar but what they aren’t telling you is that they ate the damn caviar and it’s still shit even though it used to be caviar.

It would only make sense to leave the restaurant, go home with your friends and make a veggie pizza.

This November I will be force fed shit. I will try to get as many of us to reject the poop and shit and join me in making my pizza. There is no choice. this is only the tyranny of the two ruling powers.

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