Man faces 25 years in prison for using silver bullion as currency

From Trentslist.Org

You can accept whatever form of payment you want for the goods you are selling. If I decide that your $10 meal is worth a bushel of corn to me and accept that bushel of corn as payment, then I’ve bartered for that payment and have legally accepted it as payment for the meal as an alternative to the Federal Reserve’s fiat currency.

The businesses that accepted Liberty dollars were doing the same thing. They were willing to accept a payment for their goods and services with something other than the US dollar.

Please think before you jump on the government bandwagon. The Liberty dollar was not a counterfeit currency. It was an alternative currency. Big difference. Counterfeit means that someone was making their own money that was exactly like the money coined by the Federal Reserve. That’s illegal. Making coins from a metal that actually has intrinsic value intended for trade for goods and services is NOT counterfeit.

We ALL need to get off of the Federal reserve notes! They are going to be worth nothing soon! They are not backed by ANYTHING!

(A fifty-cent piece from before 1965 is currently worth around $15 in todays currency because it is made of 90% silver. This means that a fifty-cent piece made today is worth approximately 30 times LESS than a coin of the same size made out of real silver REGARDLESS of WHO makes it or mines it… its SILVER. We NEED our money to be backed by something of value, the federal reserve notes we use now are not backed by anything but Ben Bernanke’s good looks!)

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