Invader's Remorse: Arab League Now Criticizes Western Attack On Libya


Not even a full day after the UN-endorsed attack on Libya began, and the “invader’s remorse” is already manifesting itself as discontent among the “peacemakers” emerges. Per the AFP: “The Arab League on Sunday criticized Western military strikes on Libya, a week after urging the United Nations to slap a no-fly zone on the oil-rich North African state. “What has happened in Libya differs from the goal of imposing a no-fly zone and what we want is the protection of civilians and not bombing other civilians,” Arab League secretary general Amr Mussa told reporters.” We wonder what the Arab League will say when reports of innocent civilians, up to a million of whom have been forcefully armed by Gaddafi, being butchered en masse begin emerging. And how long before the entire operation is deemed a total failure… to be redeemed only by a full scale land invasion?

More from the AFP:

On March 12, the Arab League urged the United Nations to impose a no-fly zone on Libya and said Moamer Kadhafi’s regime had “lost legitimacy” as it sought to snuff out a rebellion designed to oust him from power.

In the West’s biggest intervention in the Arab world since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, US warships and a British submarine fired more than 120 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Libya on Saturday, the US military said.

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  1. I just wonder what part of the so called UN SC resolution 1973 said hit all air control stations, airports and so on. The West did not learn from Iraq or Afghani adventure and now meddling in Libya. Why not Bahrain or Yemen! None has much oil or gas perhaps! And is it true that UAE and Qatar are going to foot the bill of this invasion? And it is an invasion and clearly the West want to remove Gaddafi. This invasion will bring more terror attacks to Europe and this is another attack by the West on a Muslim country! I wonder who is next?

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