The Free City-State

by Vinay Gupta

1. City States: If Italy collapsed as a nation state, but remained peaceful, Naples and Venice and so on could theoretically join the EU with very little in life changing.
2. Rational Borders: The suburbs of Geneva are in France. If they were in the city state of Geneva, it would change very little.
3. Matrix Government: If the Road Chief, Rail Chief, Water Chief, Power Chief, Sanitation Chief, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Hospital Chief and so on were all independently elected in a city state, there may be no need for an over-all municipal dictator to keep the lights on and the roads open.
4. Peaceful Villages: Most villages throughout human history have managed most of their affairs. If a village is going wrong politically, people can leave. Transparency helps.

I explore these four axioms, collectively, as The Free City State, two talks I did at The Free School in London. The talks are tentative, early work, but I feel may point in interesting directions as I build a political model around Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps.

I hope you find these talks useful.

This was written by Vinay Gupta. Posted on Monday, March 14, 2011, at 3:30 pm.

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