The Coming American Rebellion: We Are Egypt

Hat tip to Peter Bjorn Perls.

Given all the data, due to New York’s geographical lay out, population size and proximity to power, it is a prime candidate for insurrection. There are currently 2.9 million people living in New York that are on food stamps, which is equivalent to the entire population of Manhattan. Just imagine three million people flooding into lower Manhattan. Imagine if three million people decided to take a 15-30 minute subway ride down to the Financial District and camped out from Wall Street to the NY Fed, spilling over to the corporate offices of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America.

Perhaps the one million people on food stamps from New Jersey and Connecticut will make a short trip into lower Manhattan as well, four million strong shutting down lower Manhattan, the economic capital of the world.

How would that play out in the global media?

One million people gathering in Cairo, Egypt sent shock waves throughout the world, and rightfully so, but just wait until millions of Americans begin flooding the streets. The revolution contagion will spread throughout the world like a category five hurricane.

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  1. I would wager a good percentage of that 3 million are what Marx called the lumpen proletariat. Not only would it be next to impossible to get them to focus enough to stage a sustained revolt, it would likely devolve into mere looting until turned away by force. If you want to attack the system you don’t use the underclass parasites of that system as the foundation (and there is little motivation for them to do so).

  2. Let the Yorker Confederacy (my preferred moniker) rise and let its libertarian principles be an example to the entire nation! Even just NY seceding might throw the rest of the country into a pretty dangerous economic spiral if people aren’t very careful though.

  3. @Frank Stein

    The state has a habit of murdering the true leaders of this class of people. They pretty well fucked shit up in LA, I wouldn’t shed a tear if they did the same on Wall Street. I have faith that leadership constituted of some hard hitting mother fuckers from their class (a la Black Panthers, old school AIM, etc.) could turn them into a serious threat to the state. They just have to work on not getting themselves shot before their time.

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