Resistance to U.S. Police State Grows

From UhuruNews.Com

On March 3, 2011, in St. Louis County, MO, Todd Shepard, 43, an African man, admitted to a jury that he deliberately killed a white policeman in 2008 after a white cop murdered his African girlfriend in a crime that the U.S. colonial courts ruled “justified.”

According to an article from ksdk.com, “Prosecutor Bob McCulloch asked Shepard at the trial, ‘It was your intent to kill him, right?

“Shepard said, ‘Yes.”

“’You were cool?’ McCulloch asked.

“’I was cool,” Shepard said.

“’You were deliberate?’ McCulloch asked.

“’Absolutely,’ Shepard said.

“He said he was looking for a white officer either on foot or in a car…

“Shepard said, ‘Among other things, the bullet not the ballot is the best way for the black man in america to gain power.’”

On January 24, 2011, MSNBC ran a story stating that “Police fear ‘war on cops,’” after a 24-hour period in which 11 police officers were shot in cities around the U.S., including in the states of Washington, Oregon and Indiana, as well in Detroit, MI, and Miami and St Petersburg, FL.

A month later in St Petersburg, a 16-year-old African high school student, Nick Lindsey, allegedly shot another police officer to death on Feb. 21, the anniversary of the U.S. government assassination of Malcolm X.

Following the killing of the cop in February, the African community of St. Petersburg was put under a military occupation.

This collective punishment involved armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters and federal police forces wielding assault weapons while carrying out car-to-car and house-to-house searches over a 33-block stretch of south St. Petersburg.

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