"Paulites" vs "Palinites"

Justin Raimondo on the contending schools of foreign policy within mainstream American politics. Read the article by Justin. My view, of course, is that the empire will end only when the American state implodes domestically, whether through self-inflicted wounds or through revolutionary action, or both.

In Special Providence, Mead himself notes that the four “schools” he defines are very broad generalizations, which tend to flow into one another, and that is precisely what is happening with the tea partiers, who combine characteristics associated with both Jacksonians and Jeffersonians. Mead says “the Jacksonians are unlikely to disappear,” but doesn’t see that they may be undergoing a transformation. Given what empirical evidence we have, it looks to me like they are morphing into a tendency combining a populist distrust of elites with a Jeffersonian commitment to militant anti-statism – and a temperamental aversion to overseas meddling.

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