A Palecon Critiques Louis Farrakhan

John Derbyshire on the Nation of Islam leader.

The striking thing about the address was the almost total absence of anything Islamic in it. Most of the themes and references were in fact Christian. The first few quotes I logged to any scriptures at all were to Isaiah, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Isaiah, Matthew, Habakkuk, Isaiah, Malachi, Matthew, Joel, Joel, Isaiah, and only then, at 42 minutes in, a passing reference to the Koran. The whole middle part of the speech, from 1h 44m to 2h 8m, was an exegesis of the Sermon on the Mount. Much of the next hour was organized around a visit Farrakhan had paid to the Church of Scientology, which he seems to have found congenial. Not until 3h 12m did we get any Arabic, and then only some brief snatches. (NOI mosques use an English translation of the Koran.)

We got a lot of NOI theology, about which Farrakhan seems quite sincere. It’s wacky stuff, though I suppose no wackier than Young Earth Creationism or Scientology. Yakub the mad scientist shows up—the guy who created white people by eugenics. There were also eschatological warnings of the great fire coming.

The anti-white and anti-Semitic material was in plain sight, though Farrakhan mostly remembered to trim his rhetoric to allow for the possibility that there are some good white people and even some good Jews. There were actually a few white people in the audience, picked out by the cameras in reaction shots (though I didn’t spot Tim Wise).

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