The Last "Political" Essay

Anna Morgenstern on why the Left and Right are both failures.

As far as I can tell, the two biggest social problems that we have in statist society are War and Poverty.  And true to form, they are rarely directly addressed.

In truth, there is very little sentiment or support on the official, political left for policies that would directly damage the corporate elite, by taking away their subsidies and privileges.  The reasoning or justification seems to be that “we need the rich to form a tax base to use to help the poor”.  The irony would be hilarious, if not for the concrete implications.

he “right” loves to talk about the morality of private property, but they don’t really mean it.  The rich have no respect for the private property of the poor and middle class.  They use that as a would-be club against the poor who have been forced into misery and the middle class who naturally want a piece of the spoils of statist plunder.  But when their own interests are threatened, well they’re all for bailouts and government-backed loans and such things.  The entire justification for central banking (or quasi-central banking, as in the National Bank Act, long before the vile Federal Reserve existed, or the frequent “suspension of specie payments” before that) is purely and directly “welfare” for the rich.  To protect the banking system against systemic failure means allowing banks to loan what is essentially stolen money to rich people for risky ventures that they wouldn’t dare with their own savings.  There’s no other way a bank could fail, but it’s never explained that way.

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