The Latest Wave in Victimological Identity Politics

Are whites racially oppressed? A growing movement says yes. Read all about it. For some time, I have predicted that as supposed spokesmen for traditional out-groups become more powerful, and as PC becomes more firmly rooted in institutions, the members of traditional in-groups turned out-groups will begin to adopt the Left’s rhetoric of victimology and identity politics, as will members of traditional out-groups who reject the totalitarian humanist paradigm for whatever reason.  The Left has really pushed the limits with this, inventing concepts like speciesim, looksism, ablism, fatphobia, etc. In the future, look for more and more movements in the direction of white rights, men’s rights, Christians’ rights, hetero rights, smokers rights, gay conservatives’ rights, oppressed Irish-Catholics’ rights, anti-feminist feminism, black white supremacists, one-eyed vegan transexual fascists, Leagues of Republican Fat Asses Against Weight Discrimination (FATWA), and on and on.

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  1. Considering that arabs are being bombed and the legal system harms blacks and hispanics far more than whites, this is kind of like watching someone whine that they stubbed their toe while someone bleeds to death next to them. Whatever legitimate grievances whites have, they pale in comparison. However, this type of reaction is highly predictable.

  2. Well, rather than get into a pissing contest between different groups over who’s most oppressed, I think the best approach is to simply attempt to identify the legitimate issues that every group raises and try to incorporate these into the wider anarcho-pluralist/pan-secessionist paradigm. That’s one of the things we were trying to do with this video:

    I oppose victimology of any kind, under anyone’s banner, for two principal reasons. First, it’s strategically destructive. It promotes demographic conflict that plays into the System’s divide and conquer strategy. Identifying whites, blacks, Jews, liberals, conservatives, whomever, as the enemy per se does nothing to attack the overarching institutional apparatus of the System itself. Second, victimology is a form of egalitarian collectivism and a manifestation of ressentiment which I consider to be incompatible with the ideal of the Anarch. The essence of victimology is feeling sorry for one’s self. That’s not really the kind of psychology that most conducive to either individual thriving or cultural and civilizational advancement.

  3. I would certainly agree that killing millions of people in imperialistic warfare is more egregious than any domestic US policy. I also think the most serious domestic issues are the police state and prison-industrial complex built up around the various wars on different things: crime, drugs, terrorism, guns, gangs, etc. These domestic wars disproportionately damage blacks and Hispanics collectively, often by a considerable margin. Moderate forms of “reverse discrimination” against working to middle class whites, while often deplorable, really don’t compare with mass killing or mass incarceration.

    It’s like the question of the middle class versus the lumpenproletariat. It’s clear that the conventional middle class is sinking fast, and that the powers that be want it that way and have worked hard to make it that way. But however rotten things are getting for the former middle class, it still doesn’t compare on a general level with the condition of those in urban ghettos, Indian reservations, remote rural communities, Appalachia, trailer parks, etc. Still, we wouldn’t want to start attacking the sinking middle class as our principal enemy. That would not only be politically foolish but it would make us look stupid as well: “Those damn laid off middle management people sucking off the state’s unemployment benefits.”

    But that’s exactly what many on the Left do with race issues. They identify working to middle class or even poor whites as their primary enemy (and it’s usually white Leftists who are as inclined in this direction as anyone.): “Those damn hog-slopping rednecks with their white privilege.” That’s why the Left’s conventional race-class-gender paradigm is overly reductionist and archaic. The traditional working to middle class white American majority can be under attack economically, culturally, or even on a racial/ethnic basis, without being in nearly as bad a shape as poor black people in the inner-cities who are under an even greater assault.

  4. We could use a similar analysis on virtually any comparable issue. Take gender/women, for instance.

    It’s clear that the feminazis are hell-bent on using state power in ways that involve the genuine oppression of men (see the family court system, for instance). At the same time, female poverty is expanding due in part to the general pattern of widening class divisions and economic decline, and women are among the fastest growing prison populations.

  5. Please God let these legitimate white grievances (once we’ve brushed off the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center, they ought to brought up by relevant groups across the spectrum of extremism, no matter how odious their views are, just to make finger-pointing and ideological name calling irrelevant) be brought up for debate before the Nazis take power somewhere. There was recently some National Socialists elected to local governments, in the Southwest I think.

  6. This white victimology scares me, I can see it being subtly promoted by the establishment. I have met many otherwise rational white folks who honestly believe that the pigs are the only thing keeping machete wielding blacks from breaking in their homes and killing them in their sleep. The system can legitimize itself by pandering to white fear. It is truly sad the see the descendants of a once bold and adventurous people grovel. There was once a time when other people had to build fences and walls to keep us out.

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