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Why the Gods Are Not Winning

This article gives the raw data indicating the degree to which religious belief has declined worldwide over the past century. The authors also explain why religious conservatism is losing ground even in the most religious of industrialized nations, the United States.

These two articles explain how authoritarian leftism has escalated its statist attacks on religion as the state has grown while religion has declined.

Atheist Jihad by Dr. Robert M. Price (btw, Bob is a really interesting fellow: a former Christian fundamentalist turned liberal theologian turned Nietzschean philosopher)

How long before Christians Are Actively Persecuted in England? by Dr. Sean Gabb. Says Sean:

We are moving towards a persecution of Christianity because Christians believe in a source of authority separate from and higher than the State. Until recently, it was the custom of absolute states to make an accommodation with whatever church was largest. In return for being established, the priests would then preach obedience as a religious duty. Modern absolute states, though, are secular. Such were the Jacobin and the Bolshevik tyrannies. Such is our own, as yet, mild tyranny. In all three cases, religion was or is a problem. Though a Catholic, Aquinas speaks for most Christians when he explains the limits of obedience:

“Laws are often unjust…. They may be contrary to the good of mankind… either with regard to their end – as when a ruler imposes laws which are burdensome and are not designed for the common good, but proceed from his own rapacity or vanity; or with regard to their maker – if, for example, a ruler should go beyond his proper powers; or with regard to their form – if, though intended for the common good, their burdens should be inequitably distributed. Such laws come closer to violence than to true law…. They do not, therefore, oblige in conscience, except perhaps for the avoidance of scandal or disorder.” (Summa Theologiae, I-II, 96, 4, my translation)

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