Rothbard vs The Unions

Unions: heroes or villains? Murray Rothbard thought it was the latter. What do you think?

Back during my serious leftist-anarchist days, I used to do strike support work for unions including the Greyhound strike Rothbard discusses. My experience was that most strikers couldn’t be bothered to even show up for picket duty. Instead, they would just sit at home and collected their strike pay and unemployment. Being a rather devout anarcho-syndicalist at the time, I used to think, “These guys are the revolution?”

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  1. I don’t think Rothbard forsaw where we are today. right back to needing unions to supply a living wage. more and more the IWW/syndicalist model is needed but it needs to change. the days of factory bosses being the rich ones are gone. now the “bosses” of the factories are just employees. sure they have the ability to hire and fire banning them from membership in the IWW but they are really at the mercy of the stockholders now. they are just as much at risk of low wages as their lowest level worker. all while a handful of rich smug a-holes sit and collect their payment for someone elses work done. and no you cant say that ayone can buy stock and do the same. sure I can buy stock but I’ll never be the level of a Walton. I’m never be able to sit in my mansion like a DuPont. no factory boss will in this age be able to live what rothbard saw the middle class living in his day. today the level of business owner has bee reduced to what skilled labor was, skilled labor has fallen to unskilled level of pay and unskilled labor is no paid so well that a full time employee of walmart, the nations largest employer, is often able to qualify for food stamps and other social assistance programs.

    Fuck the AFL-CIO, unions should never have bosses, but long live the IWW and Syndicalism. like Rothbard the ideas they need to be adjusted for the current times. new enemies need new tactics to fight them but the idea of groups of employees standing up as a group to demand a fare wage is not only needed stopping owners from preventing unionization is a requirement of the free market.

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