1. Unlike most people who have identified as libertarian, Ayn Rand was not the one who “opened my eyes” to individualism, logic, and reason etc etc. I have actually not read one book or even essay by Rand and am not that interested in doing so based on what I have read by the objectivists that carry on her legacy. Rand and her followers that came after her of course have nothing good to say about libertarians. What I have wondered for some time is what is it about Rand and her work that libertarians find so intoxicating.

  2. I tried reading Anthem but I nearly threw it across the room after the second page. Rand is such a pretentious, mawkish writer it’s no wonder her work praises selfish narcissism. Never found her followers to be interesting people in themselves — I’m sure most of them are actually Ann Coulter fans, the kind that believe every word she says…

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