Cultural Enrichment?

This is a hilarious take down of the PC hypocrites. Read the whole thing at Counter-Currents.

The main proponents of multiculturalism as a means of enrichment are usually leftist college professors and other pundits. They speak of culture, but the majority of them actually know very little about the cultures they claim to want to see more of in America. In reality, they want to see a soulless, multiracial mass that embraces Marxism as its sole culture; the traditional folkways of Hindus, Muslims, African aborigines, and others mean nothing to them.

After all, most cultures are the outgrowths of religious worldviews, and the spiritual has no place in society according to leftists, who are generally secularists. The only thing about these alien cultures that they truly embrace is their food, but this does not a cultured man make. Any simpleton can eat fried rice or falafels. It doesn’t mean that he’s walking away with anything added to his soul.

Now a TRUE multiculturalist would, as the label suggests, be very familiar with the various literatures, religious texts, folk customs, and history of the plethora of races whose presence they find so enriching. This is simply not the case.

While the multiculty has read the Communist Manifesto, The Authoritarian Personality, and The Mismeasure of Man from front to back, I guarantee you that he has not read the Bhagavad-Gita or the Upanishads of Hindu culture, the Zend-Avesta or Koran of Middle Eastern culture, the Popol-Vuh or other codices from Native American culture, or the writings of Lao-Tzu or Confucius from the Far East.

I will bet the farm that he has not studied Farsi, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Roma, Turkish, Swahili, Chinese, or Japanese for any great length of time.

I’m certain that he has not sat and observed an Islamic service in a mosque, a Buddhist service in a temple, a Zoroastrian service in a fire temple, or a Jewish Sabbath in a synagogue. (I would even surmise that he sees their religious views as primitive superstitions.)

I’d wager my spleen that he has not been an audience to a traditional folk concert of non-European origin.

No. I’m quite positive that the average multiculty’s “enrichment” does not go beyond a fetish for Puerto-Rican girls, an enjoyment of horrendous rap music, and a taste for egg rolls. These Leftists are really condescending cultural chauvinists themselves, as they really just want to see all peoples crushed under the yoke of technocratic totalitarianism.

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