Dissatisfied Customer Sues Escort Service

The latest candidate for the Darwin award.

We see some pretty bizarre lawsuits at times around here, but Consumerist points us to one that takes bizarre lawsuits to a new level — involving a guy suing an escort firm for almost getting him arrested, even though the potential arrest only came after he called the police himself, upset that the woman did not stay long enough. Apparently, a college student named Hubert Blackman went to Las Vegas last month and ordered a stripper to come to his room at the Stratosphere. He apparently paid $155 for a lap dance, and then an additional $120 for a sex act.

The next morning, he demanded a refund from the firm he had called for the stripper, saying she didn’t stay the full hour he had paid for and also telling them that since he was drunk, he couldn’t have legally agreed to the sex act. When the company refused, the guy called the police, who politely explained to him that he had broken the law in hiring a prostitute and that they should arrest him. Somehow, he avoided arrest, but rather than drop matters, he went back to New York and filed a lawsuit in which part of the complaint is that “I almost had gotten arrested,” after “An escort did an illegal sexual act on me during her paid service to me.” The guy even admits he knew that prostitution was illegal in Vegas. However, he’s demanding the firm be shut down, his $275 back… and another $1.8 million for good measure. It kind of makes you wonder if he’s going to actually get arrested this time…

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