American Foreign Policy Promotes “Our Interests”? Puh-leeze!

Kevin Carson on the greatest lie American political class.

American foreign policy is aimed at guaranteeing American corporations a supply of “safe, reliable and affordable” fuel from the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea oil basins.  It’s aimed at making sure foreign governments recognize and enforce the “intellectual property” rights of the proprietary content companies who make up the bulk of the corporate global economy (rights which are also the primary means by which American corporate headquarters are able to retain control of outsourced job-shops all over the Pacific Rim and charge a 1000% brand-name markup to American consumers).  It’s aimed at preventing peasants from regaining control of expropriated land which is used by landed elites to grow cash crops for the export market, in collusion with Western agribusiness corporations and domestic authoritarian governments.  American foreign policy, in short, is a continuation of the old-style gunboat diplomacy of the colonial powers, aimed at keeping the world safe for corporate power.

About the only time American policy doesn’t reflect such corporate interests is when it irrationally deviates from them to pander to the Zionist colonial project in Israel.  The one case in which American foreign policy seems to reflect some principled ideological imperative, even at the expense of promoting energy policy through stable relations with autocratic regional regimes, is America’s “special relationship” with Israel.  Not that that’s got anything more to do with “our interests” than the rest of it.

So when you hear a pundit talk about “our interests,” ask yourself who he’s got riding along in his pocket — or rather, whose pocket he’s riding in.

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