Sarah Palin and the Dumbing Down of the American Right

…As if they needed anymore dumbing down.

Maury2Ktakes down the Republicans.

The original Tea Party came out of the Ron Paul for President movement. At the early demonstrations, “Audit the FED” signs were always prominent. That was then, this is now. Where are those signs today? Ask Palin if she ever consents to an interview by someone other than Sean Hannity.

The Tea Party, in its origins, was a genuine opposition movement. Thus it had to be taken down or, taken over and de-fanged. The latter is what occurred.

Palin fronted the NeoCon co-option of the Tea Party. This involved what amounted to non-stop infomercials on Fox News. Glenn Beck, noted in the past for bad-mouthing Ron Paul, was notable in this effort.

Then there was money, lots of it. Much of it was funneled through an outfit named ‘FreedomWorks’. This falsely named organization is funded by some of the fattest fat cats in the USA. It’s led by the former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, a long-standing stooge of the Global Financial Elite.

The dumbing down part came after the NeoCon takeover. With Governor Palin, an attractive & charismatic woman out in front, hard stands on real issues were out. Back in were all the old GOP wedge issues. You know the dreary drill: God, guns & gays. 80% or better of the American populace is being hammered economically. Yet Palin and her handlers want to talk strictly in terms of symbolism.

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