Against Anti-Semitism

by Andrew Yeoman


There is a distinction to be made between a principled anti-Zionism, and legitimate critique of Jewish influence, political & economic power, and the Judeo-Obsessiveness of many ‘Rightists’ and Nationalists who trace everything and anything back to the Great Jewish Conspiracy, unbroken and relentless, going back 4000 years.”

-C. D. (comment in response to this much needed critique of the Judeophobes)

“It is a matter of honor to me to be absolutely clean and unequivocal regarding anti-Semitism, namely opposed, as I am in my writings.”

“…the anti-Semites…are…men of resentment, these physiologically impaired and worm-eaten men, a totally quivering earthly kingdom of subterranean revenge, inexhaustible, insatiable in its outbursts against the fortunate.” Nietzsche

A recent discussion on Facebook has inspired me to write some thoughts about anti-Semitism and the relationship anti-Semites have within the nationalist movement.

Here is a typical example of anti-Semitic reasoning:

“I can prove to you that JEWS started World War II. I can prove to you that JEWS created and controlled communism. I can prove to you that JEWS are controlling every aspect of our lives today. I can prove to you that JEWS were expelled 109 times for repeating this same pattern of behavior throughout history.”

If that wasn’t enough to get you upset at these wily Jews, the supposed resistance to Jewry is also dominated by Jews:

“You’d be a damn fool to assume that the White Nationalist movement or ANY other movement was not INFESTED by Jews. Should we ignore them in the name of “unity”? Should we allow them to continue misguiding our people? Just sit back silently while they control the dissent? Why? Because you want to have a sense of “unity” just for the sake of maintaining the illusion? “

I can collaborate that some of the most outspoken and dedicated critics of Israel, Zionism, and other Jews, are Jews themselves. This is not merely for full blooded ethnic or religious Jews but for half Jews and even apparently, “a quarter Jew.” However, a persons actual relationship to Jews is not necessary to become a “Jew,” anyone an anti-Semite does not like can also become “Jewish by proxy.” Life is not easy with Jews behind every calamity and insidious plot in the world.

What nutty fringes of nationalist scenes don’t seem to realize, is that Jews are no more a monolithic entity any more than ‘White People’ are. Hence the anti-Semites are not presenting ‘facts,’ merely rehashing conspiracy theories which have been floating around the radical right and nationalist scenes for the past century or so. They offer nothing concrete nor anything which can be verified or historically substantiated merely flaky theories, conjecture, smears, guilt by association tactics, etc. Anyone who holds a differing opinion is ‘using Jewish tactics’ or is simply Jewish himself… The anti-Semite does not want a discussion or debate on the topic, just a platform to obsess over his favorite tribe and all their supposed misdeeds throughout history. There is no dialogue, the anti-Semitic screed is like a broken-record and is essentially one-dimensional. Engaging him is really a waste of time. Over the years I know of a few guys like him in the nationalist scene and they are all the same ‘type.’

Not obsessing over Jews 24/7 nor holding them solely responsible for every disastrous event in world history squarely places one in the ‘Jew Sympathizer’ camp.

Anti-semites exhibit behavior of being mentally unhinged and obsessive compulsive about their favorite tribe they love to hate.

From the start, BANA’s positions critical to Israel and Zionism are based on Left-wing criticisms of the elite power structure support of their various factors and their disproportionate influence in contemporary American life. This might be called ‘anti-Semitism’ from overzealous groups such as the ADL however it is not unusual for Jews to call each other anti-Semitic as well. Some Jewish and conservative commentators alike even like to credit the Jewish Karl Marx, the attributed father of Communism, as anti-Semitic with quotes likes this from his “On the Jewish Question:”

“Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man – and turns them into commodities. Money is the universal self-established value of all things. It has, therefore, robbed the whole world – both the world of men and nature – of its specific value. Money is the estranged essence of man’s work and man’s existence, and this alien essence dominates him, and he worships it.
The god of the Jews has become secularized and has become the god of the world. The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange.”

The point Marx was trying to make in his essay, which was written in response to an anti-Semitic polemic against Judaism, is that in his opinion any religion, Jew or Christian, cannot provide the economic liberation for the lower classes he was so sympathetic to. It is clear that Jews and non-Jews alike will have a wide variety of opinions on the matter Jewish influence on public life. However just like anything else what is not acceptable is becoming unhinged on the subject. No one can or should deny groups to organize how they want in their own way, as Jews in Crown Heights New York certainly do.

But our issue as tribal separatists is not demonstrating that Jews are all-powerful… it’s our own survival. Our issue is not proving a conspiracy by an elite… it’s our own advancement. Our issue is not explaining how rotten Israel is… it’s our own situation. Our issue is not liberals vs. conservative… it’s decentralist vs. centralist. Our issue is not electing a President… it’s white ethno-genetic survival. Our issue is not opposing amnesty for illegal aliens… it’s protecting our nationality. Our issue is not about moving to one place or another… it’s white survival.

It is time we have learned from the mistakes anti-Semites have made and continue to make and put anti-semitism out to pasture.

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  1. Dear Sir;
    Andrew Yeoman, This is by far one of the most important and thought provoking collection of thoughts articulated by a White man in quite some time. Seriously speaking, I was left looking at myself in the mirror in amazement after absorbing your straightforward and absolute description of a disease that has masochistically kept our movement from gaining any stature in the eyes of our own kind. It truly is our perceived HATRED that demeans us and repels the rest. Your words should have a jarring affect upon all who read and understand the message. I commend you for your courage in pointing out this ugliness to a great many White Nationalists who may not be ready to face this truth. We have to get beyond what keeps us down. We ought to be concerned about creating working relations with all who ultimately agree with tribalization/separatism in it’s “righteous” form. I’ll be looking forward to reading your ideas in the future. For Family, Folk and faith.

  2. Fine, but you can’t ignore the persistent and ubiquitous double standards, dissimulation and outright mendacity emanating from that direction. Examples:media and education establishment treatment of Nazism vs. Communism, US ME policy and the Israel lobby, origins of the Iraq War and “blood for oil” myth, and the USS Liberty.

  3. What you say may at first glance seem true. And I have met a great many mindless “haters” who were a complete turnoff. However, anti-semitism is and will always be a reaction to Jewish behavior. It does not occur in a vacuum. That said, I can’t fault those who foam at the mouth about it. I would also take issue with your contention that Jews are “no more a monolithic entity than White people”. Come on. A cursory examination of voting patterns would show that to be untrue. Not to mention their always giving a member of the tribe a leg up in whatever institution they dominate. Yes, tactically, screaming Jew in a burning civilization may be unwise but it is nevertheless the honest thing to do.

  4. Very thoughtful and well-argued piece. The inane whining of “yyyyyeah, but the jews still suck!!” only serves to demonstrate the ubiquitous self-foot-shottery of ethnic reductionism.

  5. I think when people say they are anti-Semitic or promote “anti-Semitism” what they are doing is opposing Organized Jewry in all its manifestations. Yes, some of us WN’s are so paranoid about the Jews that we see a Jew behind all of our misfortunes. This is dead wrong. But, why would any of us waste our time going after the so-called “nutjobs” that fill our ranks when they are not in any way harming us. It’s a waste of energy and time. Lead by example and the “nutjobs” will straighten up or be weeded out.

    Yet, wherever we find Jews organizing according to their explicit ethnic interests it is ALWAYS against our ethnic interests. Most of the time this ethno-cultural opposition between us results in OUR dispossession, OUR humiliation and OUR genocide. Organized Jewry cannot be considered anything but pure Evil when also considering the health and safety of our people. Which is my main priority. Israel and its Cult Psychopathology: Zionism are the greatest examples of this anti-European/anti-Christian/anti-Pagan Hatred we have had to endure for too long. If someone does not like the term anti-Semitic then simply use another term. I don’t get bogged down in Semantics. We are opposed to Organized Jewry. The Jews that oppose Organized Jewry stand with us. Those that do not can go to Hell. If that makes me an “anti-Semite” or whatever other label my enemies throw at me, then so be it. I am unconcerned with what those hate me and wish me dead think of me. My principles remain intact as well as the loyalty I have towards my people.

    This is a question of Good versus Evil. We are the Good Guys. It’s that simple.

  6. @MRDA

    Don’t overcomplicate things. That is great for blog-bloviating, but it is the perfect recipe for inaction and spiritual-mental-physical flabbiness. Most of the Alpha Men that used to cut through the bullshit-propaganda to act and react against all enemies wherever they were sadly killed themselves off in two fratricidal wars. Now we are left with those who did not fight in that suicidal-dysgenic nightmare. We are left with the cowardly masses who don’t like sudden movements let alone physical confrontation. That is our reality. Things can change if the small minority of elites stand up and remain standing, but time will tell if this indeed happens.

    There is a time for Intellectual Pontification (which I enjoy as much as you probably do) and there is a time for Heroic Action (which I enjoy more). Which do you think is needed more right now?


  7. Again, oversimplification vs overcomplication, like Good vs Evil, is a simplistic dichotomy which no amount of “Alpha” rhetoric can gloss over.

  8. Your view of the world is depressing and without verve.

    SIMPLY (I know you hate that word) put: Paralysis by weak-kneed pseudo-intellectual analysis.

    And if I believed what you believed then I wouldn’t do a damn thing to save our people or my own family. But, alas, more people think like you than me. Your side has been winning for generations. And we have all been losers because of it.

    Now let’s get back to talking about things that have no bearing on whether or not we will survive and/or thrive as a people. Let’s keep playing it safe by making everything way more complicated than it really is. I know that comforts you. After all, who am I to disrupt your womb-like nest of nihilism and bed-wetting?

  9. You claim to know my worldview based just on a few lines of text. Isn’t that special? I can see why you favour a Saturday morning cartoon view of the world, He-Man: stay classy!

  10. It would be useful if the author would name and quote just a few of the many “Judeo-[Obsessed] ‘Rightists’ and Nationalists who trace everything and anything back to the Great Jewish Conspiracy, unbroken and relentless, going back 4000 years.”

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