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  1. Good article, though as is pointed out, she does kinda trip herself up by doing what she decries; the latte Lefty she skewers certainly does exist, but her lack of nuance in description works against her.

    That said, commenter Deke Thornton is a nauseating cocksucker who exemplifies everything I despise in the evangelical democratard mindset.

    “No not my (private) business. My duty! My public duty as a responsible citizen, and a moral human being, to my fellow citizens, especially to those less well off than myself.

    The world isn’t just all about me , other people matter too – just as much as I do.

    Of course if I held the opposite view, as you seem to do, I might well be able to own slaves or to ignore those less fortunate than myself, and to sleep calmly in my bed whilst they suffer. Am I my brother’s keeper?”

    Guh! Messiah complex, anyone?

    “Hilarious that you class both these things together as social evils. Far from being a social evil as people from your particular political culture might argue, on the contrary paying taxes is a social and moral obligation in any civilised political culture.

    I live in Europe and I am quite happy to pay my taxes because we have good public services here including ‘socialised’ medicine. I would be quite happy to pay even higher taxes for even better public services.

    And I am happy to do this because I want infrastructure built, industry and commerce encouraged, ALL the state’s children educated, not just the rich and middle class, and I don’t want to live in some backward rural theme park where people are denied routine dental or medical care simply because they cannot afford it, and because those better off than them are simply too selfish and too backward to take their proper share of social responsibility.”

    You don’t “pay your taxes”, you fucking numpty; they’re taken from you! This ain’t far removed from a rape victim waxing lyrical about “giving sex” to her predators. Such an enhancement to civilization!

  2. Of course Jim Goad wrote a book about bigotry against the South, and he is right. It’s easy to fall for the whole ‘good-ole-boy’ stereotype, although obviously the South has its share of ignorant people, up in New York State where I live not everyone is so bright either. But I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of people down South that are just as enlightened as we are as well. Prejudice is prejudice.

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