The Limits of Libertarianism

An interesting and sympathetic critique of libertarianism from someone who appears to be paleocon-leaning. Read it here. It’s actually the second part of a critique that began here.

This writer identifies what I consider to one of the core weaknesses of anti-state radicals, i.e. their inability to develop viable strategic formulas for the implementation of their plans or the communication of their ideas to a wider audience.

Of course, there are other weaknesses as well. “Conservative” libertarians all-too-frequently act as corporate apologists, and fail to recognize the symbiotic relationship between corporate interests and the state. Happily, we have Kevin Carson as the antidote to that problem. Leftist libertarians and left-anarchists exhibit the same ideological fanaticism and virulent intolerance associated with totalitarian movements like Communism.  The three core weaknesses of libertarianism/anarchism at the present juncture-lack of strategic viability, corporate apologetics, and leftist intolerance-are the main reasons why this blogs exists in the first place.

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  1. Being “fringe,” I think libertarians either tend toward having either a too positive or too negative view of humanity rather than a more “objective” one. Also, I’m personally bothered by the inability of libertarians to even address problems, such as externalities and public goods (especially IP), that, while not as serious as statists might say, do deserve more serious attention that the cold shoulders they are given on the basis of “property rights” or what have you.

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