The Trouble with Liberty

A critique of libertarianism from New York magazine by Christopher Beam.

This critique is limited solely to the modern postwar American version of libertarianism. It doesn’t reference classical anarchism or even modern left-anarchism at all. So it’s focus is pretty narrow. A much more comprehensive treatment of anti-state radicalism is certainly possible. Many of the criticisms offered strike me as shallow and not very well informed of actual libertarian beliefs and the reasons for holding them (and I say this as someone who is very critical of some of the strands of libertarianism described in the article). Still, it’s a rather fair and nuanced article from a mainstream, relatively centrist, somewhat liberal perspective. I take it this writer is not any kind of “conservative” as he fails to get a hair up his ass over libertarian anti-militarism and proposals for decriminalizing things like drugs and commercialized vices.

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