Drug War Kabuki Theater

Kevin Carson on the modern version of the Baptist/Bootlegger alliance.

The ostensible opposing sides in the so-called Drug War have a similar relationship.  In the real world, the private drug cartels derive their power from the existence of a lucrative black market which the state plays a central role in maintaining.  And the state itself is just another drug cartel which profits from controlling — rather than eliminating — the drug trade.

You can be sure that, if anyone presented a plausible threat of actually ending the production of all illegal narcotics, the black ops people in the national security state would “neutralize” them, and that right quickly.  Without the drug trade, how would the CIA fund its global network of death squads and other criminal thugs around the world?

In a dipolomatic cable published by Wikileaks (quoted in an article by Ginger Thompson and Scott Shane at the New York Times — “Cables Portray Expanded Reach of Drug Agency,” Dec. 25),  we see a long list of examples of the Drug Enforcement Agency acting — not so much to eradicate illegal drugs — but to determine the balance of power between government and private drug cartels.

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