The Contradictions of Noam Chomsky

Excellent, comprehensive take down of the High Priest of Left-Anarchism by left-anarchist Roderick T. Long.

I will always acknowledge my intellectual debt to Chomsky, whose writings more than those of anyone else helped me to develop a thorough understanding of the history and nature of U.S. imperialism. But as the years have passed I’ve come to find his views on domestic issues and his contradictory analysis of the state to be increasingly revolting.

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  1. “I was never against the draft, and I’m not against it now. If there is going to be an army, I think it should be a citizens’ army, not a mercenary army.”

    Ha! Chomsky’s turned into Daniel Owen!

  2. Daniel Owen-what a loser. It looks like he’s disappeared from the blogosphere.

    Chomsky’s thinking represents one of the fundamental problems with egalitarian collectivism, and the reason why I am not one. Thinkers like him just can’t bare the idea that the burden of fighting wars might be spread out unevenly. The thing to do is to encourage people of all class, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to refuse military service, particularly those from the more disadvantaged social sectors.

    I had a left-liberal Dissent-magazine type make the same argument to me a while back, on the grounds that if there was a draft there would be fewer wars. He had no answer when I pointed out that American wars were much bigger back when the state had an unlimited supply of conscripts at its disposal.

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