Talking Common Sense on the Gabrielle Giffords Incident

Most the people who knew the AZ shooter called him a “nut” and a “Left wing pothead”. It’s interesting to watch all the Left TV shows and read the Leftist blogs, They are all trying to blame this kid’s actions on the “Right wing” and gun ownership. It’s amazing how every time there’s a tragedy like this hacks try and use it to take way everyone’s rights.

She had a lot very good stands. She was pro-gun ownership and wanted to secure the borders. She called herself a Blue Dog Democrat. She started out as a Republican. She is to the Right of most of the Democrats.”

Wyatt Kaldenberg

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  1. yea i thought that too.
    now that everyone is blaming GUNS and gun manufacturers for the shooting, i bet theres gunna be a lot of controversy over the ownership and handling of guns.
    i doubt if i’ll ever be able to legally carry a gun, ever, even though the constitution clearly states that i’m able to.

    guns are not the problem.
    people are the problem.
    what ever happened to the value of life?

  2. She was a long way from being a card-carrying NRA member, but she did oppose the D.C. handgun ban, and she was a long-way from the hard-core gun-grabbers found among liberal Democratic politicians. There are much, much worse people in US politics than Gabrielle Giffords.

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