Anti-Wikileaks Liberals and the Cult of Authority

Justin Raimondo takes down Michael Lind.

Lind’s “new nationalism,” is, I’m afraid, the same as the “old” nationalism: a flag-waving, hysterical, ingrown doctrine of delusion and rationale for unbridled militarism. It is an ideological instrument that makes repression easier to justify, even as the epitome of an enlightened “liberalism.” Like all statists, his is the idolatry of Authority, which requires secrecy as a matter of course. His socialistic vision of a highly centralized American state, which controls much of the economy and society, far from curtailing US intervention around the globe, would make it far easier for our government to marshal national resources around an aggressive foreign policy. Once they grab power, these sorts of “liberals” are usually the first to make the most of it. In Lind’s rabid ultra-nationalism, we are seeing the future of “liberalism” as it exists under President Obama – and what a discredited, foul creature it is!

Also, check out James Leroy Wilson’s “Faith in Authority“:

Many secular Statists will say that a religion is discredited when its adherents kill in the name of God. But then they have no qualms about sending our soldiers to some remote land to kill in the name of Freedom and Democracy. They will say it is wrong to censor blasphemy, but see no problem in censoring political speech to ensure “clean” elections. They think it’s wrong to regulate personal choices for “moral” reasons – but will regulate all aspects of your life in the name of “public health.”

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