Black Segregation in US Drops to All-Time Low

Some interesting data on race and class in America.

This caught my attention:

Amid swirling congressional debate over taxing the wealthy, three localities in Virginia had median household income of more than $100,000 – Falls Church, and Fairfax and Loudoun counties.

Those three localities are just outside of Washington, D.C. in northern Virginia, about two hours north of my residence. They are populated mostly by civil servants and other federal employees, government officials, military personnel, professional bureaucrats, employees of welfare-corporations (particularly defense contractors), and lawyers whose business is government-related. In other words, northern Virginia is predictably a haven for the parasite class. Not surprisingly, the area has the most stable, prosperous, and affluent economy in the country.

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  1. I’m from the DC area (Maryland side) and you’re pretty much right. My father had his own programming business until he was offered a deal with Lockeed Martin.

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