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  1. I too must applaud anyone with the balls to fuck the empire over in any way it can.

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  2. I have a gay, liberal friend who is appalled by this officer’s lack of obedience. He also vehemently wants to see gays openly serving in the military and dying for their country. The thing is that under the Bush administration he was singing a very different tune of peace and hatred of the President.

  3. I come across examples of that all the time from both sides of the mainstream political spectrum.

    “Liberals” and “Conservatives” are two different political “tribes” fighting for control over the state. They are loyal to the state when they perceive their side as holding power or feel that the head of state is one of them. One side represents the culture of pre-1960s America, and the other represents post-1960s culture (although modern day “conservatives” are considerably more “liberal” than cultural conservatives of the 1950s would have been-LOL). Both sides justify their ideology in the name of “Americanism” and claim to the true representatives of authentic “American values.” The “conservatives” are more overtly jingoist in their methods of self-expression, but the “liberals” will fall back on appeals to sheer statism when it serves their own interests. See Raimondo’s critique of Michael Lind on this question that I posted today.

    The problem from our perspective of course is that neither side rejects the state as a value unto itself. They simply reject the state when it’s controlled by “the wrong people” or espouses the wrong ideology or imposes an ideologically unacceptable set of policies. The question for us is who is a greater enemy. As I’ve said repeatedly before, I think liberals and the Left are a much greater enemy in the long run, because they are a political force that is in ascension historically, culturally, demographically, and generationally, while the “conservatives” mostly represent forces that were once dominant but are in a state of decline and whose influence is waning, e.g. the old bourgeoisie WASP elite, the more traditional sectors of the middle class, religious fundamentalists and other ecclesiastical conservatives, proponents of pre-1960s cultural values, old-fashioned racists, and all of the other interests that collectively comprise “the Right.” It is recognition of the fact that liberals and Leftists are our greatest enemies in the long run that is the primary thing that sets my own thinking apart from that of most other anarchists and libertarians.

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