George Soros Taking Aim at Texas Nationalists

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But the real question is why these national organizations have suddenly taken such an interest in Texas, and in particular why they suddenly feel a need to use Chicago-style blackmail politics to attack an organization they have long characterized as kooks?

The answer is that Texas’ emerging nationalism is a roadblock to plans for a global fascist government as envisioned by billionaire George Soros.

Even more than sweeping Republican victories across the United States on Nov. 2, an independent Texas — free of failed socialist policies and willing to curb the political power of moneyed elitists – could start a domino affect as nation after nation uses Texas’ example to return the concept of government to its original meaning.

The fact that every one of the organizations mounting this attack on the TNM – Media Matters, Democratic Underground, and others – is funded by Soros makes the conclusion that he is personally behind this sudden shifting of progressives’ priorities irrefutable.

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  1. I believe in Texas independence, and defending Texas from the likes of Soros and Obama. But whose going to defend us against the folks in Texas with an agenda…I don’t believe (in my opinion) that everyone in TNM has the best interest of Texas at heart and isn’t interest in personal gain and power.

    You talk of Texas Independence…Great! But have any of you included God in this? Our Founding Fathers did! George Washington wrote, “Without God and the Bible it is impossible to govern men.”

    I want a Texas with a leader…and personally (in my opinion) I don’t feel Daniel Miller is that leader…or else Texas would be a Republic again.

  2. Most major urban centers would have serious conflicts with the ruling parties if the states became nations of their own. But would this necessarily be a bad thing? I highly doubt state militias would want to go toe-to-toe with urban gangs. Personally, I see more room for diplomacy between me and the constitutionalists than me and the plutocrats.

  3. No doubt. That’s one of the reasons why I favor much more radical forms of decentralization than merely the “states rights” position suggested by the constitutionalists and paleoconservatives.

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