On Keeping the Momentum Rolling

Over the past six months or so, interest in the various alternative anarchist milieus seems to have grown exponentially. The number of blogs, websites, or local affinity groups devoted to such projects has proliferated to the point where I can no longer keep track of them all. It would certainly be beneficial to our cause if this momentum could continue to keep building over the next year or two. Some months ago, I posted a list of possibilities concerning potential projects that Attack the System supporters or allies might wish to pursue. I’m posting the list again (minus the ones that have already been taken!). Keep in mind that these are only suggestions. Feel free to come up with your own ideas. And notice that some of these possible projects would be identified as “far left” and others as “far right.” That’s the value of pluralism, anti-univeralism, free association, and decentralized tribalism. Ideas that would otherwise seem mutually exclusive of one another in any other context can peacefully co-exist.

National-Anarchist/Austro-Libertarian Alliance

Attack the System Group for Radical Greens, Peak Oilers, Primitivists, Linkolans, and Deep Ecologists


Attack the System Canada

Islamic National-Anarchists

Attack the System Firearms and Self-Defense Project

Attack the System Student Association

Mormon National-Anarchists

Catholic National-Anarchists

Attack the System Fathers’ Rights Group

Attack the System Men’s Rights Project

National-Anarchist Project to Assist Battered Women and Abused Children

The Szasz Alliance: Exposing the Mental Health Industry

Attack the System Police State Monitoring Project

National-Anarchists Against Imperialist War

National-Anarchist Palestine Solidarity Project

Pagans Against Political Correctness

National-Anarchist Alliance to Expose Atrocities Against White South Africans

Bias in Hate Crimes Reporting Group

Attack the System Anti-AIPAC Outreach Project

National-Anarchists Against the Federal Reserve

Russian-American National-Anarchists

Asian-American National-Anarchists

Attack the System General Strike for Superstore and Fast Food Workers Project

Attack the System Prisoner Outreach Project

National-Anarchist Alternative Medicine Group

National-Anarchist Tea Party Outreach Project

Attack the System Secession for (pick your city, state, or region)

National-Anarchist Association of Home-Schoolers

National-Anarchists for Animal Rights

National-Anarchist Squatters

Attack the System Drug War Resistance Project

Attack the System Sex Workers Group

Celtic National-Anarchists

The Evola Study Group

The Nietzsche Study Group

The Classical Anarchist Study Group

Literature of the Weimar Conservative Revolution Study Group

Third Position Health Care (it’s been taken, so keep it active!)

Attack the System Alternative Economics Project

National-Anarchist Project to Document and Expose Political Correctness

Radical Patriots/ Radical Anarchists United Against Big Brother

As you can tell, the possibilities are virtually endless. Just set up a blog or FB page reflecting your preferred themes, or pull a few close comrades together and form a group, and see where it leads.

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  1. Some fellow college students of mine have teamed up with local Black residents to form a grassroots economic organizing group called Black Resource Independence Coalition.


    We’re still in our early phases of our first project (a simple community garden) but we’ve gotten a pretty positive response from most members of the community and hope it can be a springboard into more opportunities that can have greater effects in the welfare of the neighborhood outside of growing vegetables.

    Most of the core members of the group are sympathetic to anarchism (especially Black anarchism) but we’re not trying to be an infoshop. We’re following the Black Panther model of populism and developing community-benefiting programs before rigid ideology. Personally, I’d like to see a campaign against the prison-industrial complex, certain zoning laws, or something along those lines. But that’s down the line after we get grounded.

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