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  1. Great article and a great man despite some minor ideology differences. I had a very similar experience with white liberals during college. It took my cousin who’s a crip and an ex-Marine to put reality in front of me. I hope to see more from this guy. Also kind of weird/funny that we come from the same area.

    Favorite quote:

    “What both cultures need to realize is that what you believe as a white person of European heritage as order or rebellion is NOT what we believe as order and rebellion. Nations of color unlike Europeans we don’t text book everything we go with the “flow” of things and work from there. Your people like to “categorize’ everything and make it complicated when it isn’t. This is natural for your people. It’s even evident in your “Indigenous culture” naturally “white people are leaders” and have the natural urge to lead things. And that’s the problem we always have. We are tired of being lead by you. We don’t want and never did. Were NOT things where living breathing people just like you, capable of leading ourselves we’ve been doing longer then Europe was even a country. What we want is help because we can’t fight greed and capitalism alone. We want to learn your ways but apply it to our own culture and experiences.”

  2. A truly devastating critique here:

    “radicalgraffiti wrote:

    reletivly sober

    i’m shit at speling/english regardless”

    Is there any wonder anarchism is so marginal, considering these fucking tools are more interested in hanging out in dank squatted houses destroying what braincells they have left with cheap cider and ketamine?

  3. Every one of the posters there seemed to be functionally illiterate. There’s no effort at all to discuss any of the issues or ideas Lloyd raised in the interview.

    “Like, dude, fuck the fascists and all that shit, man, I want another sniff of glue!”

    Can you imagine what the Makhnovshchina or the Durutti Column would have thought of these characters?

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