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  1. You know what else corresponds nicely where you have “New Drug Laws”? Yes, the Great Society build-up of welfare.

  2. Tom Ridge, that’s laughable but I did notice that it started rising about the time we started utilizing more and more technology… so maybe it was our own arrogance about our technological advances? But it dropped because of our Great Society buildup… more people were working because of the creation of the CCC, Mr. Ridge. Something else that corresponds to the 1960 rise in crime would be 1. The widespread use of drugs and 2. the systematic removal of God from our schools. Now that’s an interesting find and it matches more closely than your ‘Great Society’ theory, I think.

    • Dropped because of the Great Society buildup? What the hell are you talking about? The Great Society started in the 60’s which coincides with an INCREASE in crime. I think you’re talking about the New Deal when you throw out the CCC. Get your time periods right! And for the love of god educate yourself on the Great Depression and Roosevelt’s destruction of the economy. Gee, is it possible there was a reduction in crime during our build-up to, and deployment in, WWII? You think?

    • Crime rates have also been DROPPING since we started utilizing more and more technology – namely the decades from the early 90’s on, or haven’t you been paying attention to that fact? More technology in everyone’s daily lives than ever yet crime rates (ALL crime rates) are falling drastically. Your theory doesn’t hold up.

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