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  1. In the absence of that extended discussion, I will have to rely on your already stated position

    “that immigrants be ineligible for state entitlement programs and tax-payer funded services, that employers be prohibited from using immigrants as scab labor, that employer use of illegal immigrant labor be barred, that immigrants convicted of serious crimes (like rape, robbery and murder, not drug possession or vending without a license) be deported”

    which is almost word for word an exact restatement of the (US) state’s immigration law , baring the addition of a prohibition on scab labor (perhaps you want a law on this, I don’t see how it could be done otherwise) and the fact that the state does, sadly, deport people convicted of drug possession.

    Funny, that.

  2. It’s not true that immigrants, even illegal immigrants, are ineligible for state entitlement programs. In my own state, illegal immigrants have received in-state tuition rates for public universities. I am personally acquainted with a good number of persons in social services, public housing, and health care fields who encounter immigrants, even illegal immigrants, making use of state entitlement programs in these areas on a daily basis. The children of illegal immigrants often attend public schools.

    Nor is this a race issue. The Virginia Beach area has a high unemployment rate, but rather than hire locals the tourism and hospitality industries import temporary workers from Russia and Eastern Europe (aka Caucasian people) because they can pay them less, and then they’ll go back to where they came from where American money is worth much more. Immigration benefits the foreigners and the capitalists at the expense of the indigenous working class of all colors. It’s a shame the left-anarchists, with their supposed “class struggle” ethos, have no perception of this.

    “the fact that the state does, sadly, deport people convicted of drug possession.”

    I know of case where an immigrant from Bermuda died from medical neglect while in jail on a drug possession charge. But the solution there is to repeal drug prohibition, not throw open the borders to carte blanche immigration, which would be suicidal.

  3. A few years ago, John Derbyshire wrote a piece entitled “Libertarianism in One Country” (which itself may have been picked up from Steve Sailer’s blog post of the same title in March 2001), which was a tongue-in-check reference to Stalin’s call for “Socialism in One Country” (as opposed to international socialism). So, is the proposal to take it one further, vis. “Anarchy in One Country”? I am not very knowledgeable about anarchism, but it seems to me that this ideal has already been achieved in Haiti, Iraq and a number of African nations…..



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