How to Identify a National-Anarchist

Here’s how.

A National Anarchist in America may exhibit the following stereotypical characteristics. They will often claim to have a staunch independent streak and critical thinking skills. They are also:

White Americans (not always, but at the present time 99 times out of 100 this is the case), they only speak one language, they have an affinity for wearing black, they are supportive of DIY culture and projects, they like punk music, they ride bikes as a form of transportation as a political statement, they are opposed to drug laws, taxes, and the primacy of money in society, they are opposed to working for the government or the military, they are college educated, they are very mobile and are rarely found in the area where they are from, they speak with respect towards other cultures and may know more about others than their own.

This finishes the list.

Oh, those evil National-Anarchists!

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