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  1. Er…I’m reading other articles on AR. While I like their economic analysis, I’m somewhat disappointed by their views on race. Nonetheless, that’s just the publication, not the article.

  2. “While I like their economic analysis, I’m somewhat disappointed by their views on race.”

    Some of these paleocon and post-paleo types produce some of the best foreign policy and economic analysis out there. I don’t know of much on the Left at present that is comparable. Maybe the circle around Alex Cockburn. I’ve seen some stuff at AltRight by white nationalists that I thought was way over the line, and some of the reader comments are even worse. I’ve even posted a few blogs there myself trying to rein some of that in a bit. At the same time, they’ve also carried some interesting stuff by black conservatives/libertarians in the past and even had a favorable piece by Dylan Hales on black nationalism at one point.

    My next project for them will probably be to do an extensive series of blog posts on the question of totalitarian humanism. I mentioned to their editor in a recent email that my analysis of this question frequently jibes with the views of paleos on cultural Marxism, but there are also aspects of my critique of totalitarian humanism that will make cultural conservatives uncomfortable, including my understanding of the relationship between totalitarian humanism, the therapeutic state, and race issues.

  3. I really enjoyed your article on totalitarian humanism, so I’ll def. be looking forward to any further posts on the subject.

    Also, I’m interested in that Dylan Hales article…

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