Please Place Contact Information on Your Blogs

It has been called to my attention that many of the ATS/ARV affiliated blogs and webpages do not include contact information. To build a local group in your area, obviously people will need a quick and effective method of getting in touch with you. Please consider posting a link to an email address that you check regularly on your blogsites. It can be very frustrating to readers if they can’t figure out how to contact you.

It could also really help your credibility if you made a public blog post introducing who you are and a picture of what you look like, providing this is feasible so far as security matters go. Nothing says lack of credibility more than anonymous websites with no personal accountability.

Another idea might be to write a blog post explaining how our positions might be applied to your local area. The American Indian/Alaska Native Attack the System blog has done a very good job of this thus far. Also, check out Andrew Yeoman’s comments on applying BANA’s ideas to the Bay Area. Let’s say your local affiliate of ATS or N-A or anarcho-libertarian or whatever group were to achieve political preeminence in your local area. What would you do in such a situation?

In my case, I’m particularly interested in networking with ATS readers and/or N-As, paleo-anarchists, an-caps, etc. in the southern states of the U.S. with an emphasis on urban areas like Richmond, Memphis, Nashville, Charleston, Raleigh, Columbia, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Jackson, Tampa, etc. How would we go about applying ATS ideas to the American south? When many people think of secession, they automatically think of the South for obvious reasons. What should our relationship be to existing secessionist or regionalist organizations in the South such as the League of the South or the Southern National Congress?

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