Updated News Digest July 16-18, 2010

American Revolutionary Vanguard: Denounced by Leftists as Fascists, by Fascists as Communists

“Marcuse Is Dead…And We Have Killed Him.” -Quagmire, ATS Reader

“What we fight is is _State_ socialism, leveling from above, bureaucracy; what we advocate is free association and union, the absence of authority, mind freed from all fetters, independence and well-being of all. Before all others it is we who preach _tolerance_ for all – whether we think their opinions right or wrong – we do not wish to crush them by force or otherwise… If our ideas are wrong, let those who know better teach us better.”

Gustav Landauer, Social Democracy in Germany, Freedom Press 1896

Don’t Fear the Right: They Are Potential Class Allies by David Spero

Vermont Public Radio: The Voice of the American Empire by Thomas Naylor

Economics in Freefall by Paul Craig Roberts

Homeland Security Mission Creep: “Intellectual Property Crime” by Kevin Carson

Homeland Security Mission Creep: The Drug War by Kevin Carson

The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment by C.S. Lewis

Obama: A Global Menace by Nat Hentoff

What Is a “Strong” Defense? by Christopher Preble

Secessionists and Fireworks at the National Mall by Ross Kenyon

Why the FED is Steering the Economy into Deflation by Mike Whitney

The Weimar Syndrome by James Turk

Techno-Fascist Drones by Thomas Naylor

The Fall of Obama by Alexander Cockburn

The Human Price of Sanctions by Andrew Cockburn

The Unchallenged Power of the Israel Lobby by James Abourezk

The High Price of American Hubris by American Hubris

Could U.S. Propaganda Be Any Lamer? by Justin Raimondo

How Bank of America Got Away with a Huge Swindle by Dave Lindorff

Bradley Manning: American Patriot by Justin Raimondo

Hardly a Conservative Model by Daniel Larison

R.I.P. Tuli Kupferberg by Paul Krassner

Chomsky’s Inner Conservative by Charles Glass

Americans Are the Redcoats Now by Brent Gardner-Smith

Can the Iranian Model Save Mississippi? by Ralph Nader

Keep Cops Out of Schools by Chase Madar

Days of PIG Violence in New Orleans by Jordan Flaherty

A Mentor to Men Behind Walls by Anthony Papa

How Progressives and Liberals Are Different by Sam Smith

A Crack Law By Any Other Name by Roberto Rodriguez

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times by Alexander Cockburn

The Worst Supreme Court Decision of the Term by Joanne Mariner

The Obama Regime’s War Upon European America by Bede

Obama’s War of Choice…on Arizona by Pat Buchanan

America is in a Societal Meltdown by Chuck Baldwin

Freedom to Hunt and More by R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr.

Planet Islam by Jim Goad

Forget Mexico, Let’s Wall Off D.C. by John Derbyshire

Finding a Racist in a Haystack by Gavin McInnes

The Lynch Squad by Paul Gottfried

The Race Card Is Becoming Irrelevant by John Kass

Thou Shalt Kill: The American Warmongers Bible by Laurence Vance

The New Eugenics by Andrew Gavin Marshall

Stop Policing Our Thoughts by Brendan O’Neill

Repudiate Government Debt by Butler Shaffer

Revolution and Repression in America by Andrew Gavin Marshall

The U.S. Is Addicted to the Warfare State by William Norman Grigg

Phoenix Home Invaders Shot by Robbers Already in Home by Brittany Williams

Spontaneous Order

AlternativeRight.Com Is Now Live!

Community Organizing and National-Anarchism presentation by Andrew Yeoman

Tribal Anarchism Video Series Parts One, Two, Three, Four

United Anarchism Vs United Nationism

Fall of the New World Order

The Tyranny of “Tolerance”

“A centralised democracy may be as tyrannical as an absolute monarch; and if the vigour of the nation is to continue unimpaired, each individual, each family, each district, must preserve as far as possible its independence, its self-completeness, its powers and its privilege to manage its own affairs and think its own thoughts.

–James Anthony Froude (1818-1894), author and historian.
Source: Short Studies on Great Subjects

“Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without police protection is both. It is as cowardly to betray an offender to justice, even though his offences be against yourself, as it is not to avenge an injury by violence. It is dastardly and contemptible in a wounded man to betray the name of his assailant, because if he recovers, he must naturally expect to take vengeance himself.”
– From Porello, The Rise and Fall of the Cleveland Mafia

A Nation of Sheep, Ruled by Wolves, Owned by Pigs

The Revolution Within Anarchism

Forty Years in the Wilderness?

Liberty and Populism: Building An Effective Resistance Movement for North America

Organizing the Urban Lumpenproletariat

National Anarchy and the American Idea

Don’t Talk to the Police

“The king is most wounded by ridicule.” -Thomas Hobbes







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