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  1. Beating Rodney king? Imposing segregation? Interrogating Black Panthers? Protecting private property? Enforcing immigration laws? God save us from these bastards!

  2. Faust, have you considered fucking off back to Stormfront? You’re not going to gain anything by remaining here.

  3. Faust, the police do almost nothing when it comes to “protecting private property and enforcing immigration laws.” And while I disagree with the anti-white excesses of the Black Panther ideology, their nationalist-separatist vision fits nicely with Keith’s pan-seccesionist approach. While the philosophy of the ARV in steadfast in its opposition to political correctness, that does not mean it’s a free for all for open bigotry. This is not Infoshop so your comments won’t be deleted here, but in the future….tone it down.

  4. Faust,

    Why would you want to live in a society where half a dozen cops can beat an unarmed man senseless even after they have him in custody?

    Why would you want to live in a system where political dissidents are assassinated by federal agents and subject to police torture?

    Regarding immigration laws and private property, Quagmire is correct that the therapeutic states of modern societies are largely worthless when it comes to traditional functions of government like border defense and crime control. Sam Francis referred to this as “anarcho-tyranny.” American citizens are regularly arrested and/or imprisoned for engaging in self-defense against common crime.

    Regarding segregation, it’s not like the only choices are either totalitarian humanism/multi-culturalism of the kind we have today or the racial apartheid-caste systems we had previously. There is a such thing as free association and decentralized pluralism. It’s worked rather well for the Swiss for centuries. It would have been a viable alternative for South Africa had more reasonable voices prevailed.


  5. It’s obvious that Faust is more anti-nonwhite than he is pro-White, or else he would’ve taken note of his loved law enforcement’s conduct at Ruby Ridge..

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